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University students' computer-internet usage and parental perspective evaluations

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Kemal Anitas,1 Serap Göncü,2 Özgül Anitas2

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This paper presents the results of a survey of undergraduate students of Konya Technical University. The results indicate that 97.20% of the participants use the internet daily. When the purposes of using the Internet were examined, it was determined that 19.39% watched online videos and 17.36% used it for homework. In addition, when asked about the process in that they spend the most time in front of the computer, 22.13% stated that they use it for homework, 15.57% watch online videos, and 11.48% play computer games. 33.80% of the participants stated that their families were worried about the use of the internet, and 44.60% stated that their families talked to their children about the correct use of the computer. When the subjects that families talk about with their children are examined, it is stated that 26.60% of them are about being safe online, 18.35% of them are the time they can use the media, and 16.51% are about complying with ethical rules on the internet. Correlation analysis "How many hours do you spend at the computer?" with “Has your family talked to you about the proper use of the computer?” It shows that there is a very high level (r=903) relationship between the questions. Also "How many hours do you spend at the computer?" and "Has your computer use affected your relationships with your friends?" It was determined that there was a high level (r=892) relationship between the questions. Despite the anxiety of the families, 95.90% of the young people stated that they want their parents to trust them in computer use. In the study, the perspectives of young people on computer and internet use and the determination of parents' views through their children are of great importance in terms of fulfilling the relevant duties and responsibilities of parents, and the idea that it will guide the future practices has formed the starting point of this study.


University students, internet use purpose, parent, anxiety