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Climate change information needs of agro-pastoralists in Southeast Nigeria

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Ibe MN, Chikaire JU, Ajaero JO, Aminu GO


All categories of farmers need information to be productive. Such information is on climatic change. This research work seeks to examine climatic change information needs of agro-pastoralists in Southeast, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to ascertain agro- pastoralists ’awareness of climatic change, identity sources of information on climate change, examine areas climatic change information is needed, and to describe agro-pastoralists responses to climatic change information received. Questionnaire was used to elicit information from 120 agro pastoralists purposively selected from their various camps in 3 Southeast States of Nigeria (Imo, Abia and Enugu). Data collected were analyzed descriptively using percentages and presented in frequency tables. Results showed that all the agro pastoralists were aware of climate change as seen in their response such as occurrence of heavy, but erratic rainfall(95.5%), drought occurrence(81.68%), high temperature(64.2%), flooding(87.5%), water shortage(84.2%), crop failures(100%) among others. Sources of information on climatic change were personal experiences, (80%), fellow farmers(75.3%), Miyetti Allah(100%), Hausa radio program(100%) and many more. They need information on livestock diseases, pasture availability, safe places to go, livestock prices, passable/impassable roads, when to sell their animals. To cope, they sell their animals (90.8%), dig water holes/wells, take animals for vaccination, receive training on animal vaccination, buy veterinary drugs and many more.


climate change, information, pastoralists, temperature, livestock