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Epidemiology of cancers in women in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Stanislas Maseb’a Mwang Sulu,1 Désiré Kulimba Mashinda,2 Olivier Mukuku,3 Donatien Babaka Batalansi,1,4 Stanislas Okitotsho Wembonyama,5 Justin Esimo Mboloko,6 Antoine Tshimpi Wola6


Introduction: Cancer is a public health problem in developing countries. It is compounded by diagnostic confirmation difficulties. This study aims to determine the epidemiological profile of cancers in women.
Methods: This was a descriptive retrospective study. Data recorded between 2007 and 2021 at the oncology department of the Nganda Hospital Center in Kinshasa (DRC) were used.
Results: A total of 1,104 cases of cancer in women have been reported. Breast (46.11%) and cervical (27.45%) cancers were the most common. The mean age was 46.52±13.05 years for breast cancer, 56.12±11.58 years for cervical cancer, and 49.52±18.14 years for other cancers. The trend line over the past 15 years shows an upward curve for breast cancer and a downward curve for cervical cancer.
Conclusion: Breast cancer is more common in women followed by cervical cancer. A national cancer registry is needed in the country for effective monitoring of cancer cases


cancer, epidemiology, women, breast cancer, cervical cancer, Kinshasa