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Cystic Hygroma: 3 case reports of head and neck cystic hygroma in neonates

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care
Robert Sacy,1 Abbas Chamseddine,2 Marwa El Masri PGY3

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Objective: Congenital malformations of the lymphatic system, known as lymphatic
lymphangiomas, are benign vascular tumors that are usually detected on prenatal ultrasound,
and most commonly occur in the head and neck region. The aim of this paper it to report
our experience with three cases of cystic hygromas along with a review of the literature.
Materials and methods: Herein we present three cases of cystic hygroma detected within
the neonatal period treated with ultrasound guided aspiration.
Results: Following the procedure, two babies had recurrence of the lesion and then died
secondary to cardiorespiratory failure. The third baby had many recurrences requiring
repetitive aspiration, however, he was lost to follow up and no information is available on
his current medical status.
Conclusion: Different modalities of treatment have been used with variable results.
However, surgical treatment remains the gold-standard of treatment.


Cystic Hygroma