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Vitamin K and hip fractures: what do we know?

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Hip fractures remain highly prevalent oftentimes life-threatening events among older populations, despite years of multiple related preventive endeavors. In an effort to explore options for mitigating hip fracture disability and premature death, this mini-review strove to examine whether: 1) Vitamin K, an important dietary compound is a potentially important hip fracture determinant, and 2) whether more research and consideration of this vitamin is warranted. After exploring relevant data concerning this topic as extracted from three well-established preselected electronic data bases housing English language research or commentary reports published over the last 20 years (2000-2022) it is concluded that more intense and thoughtfully designed research to examine the multiple ways vitamin K may mediate bone health, may help towards reducing the persistent global age-associated hip fracture burden and its immense associated human and social costs.


bone health, fractures, bone mineral density, hip fractures, intervention, prevention, supplementation, vitamin k1, vitamin k2