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A literature study on the analysis of physical risks on employees of the aviation industry

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Ercan Aydin, Kagan Cenk Mizrak

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The aviation industry, which is highly technologically advanced, provides great employment opportunities for countries, and is of economic and socio-cultural importance, continues to develop. With this development comes new risks. States and companies evaluate, analyze and control these risks with various management approaches. Risks are elements that contain uncertainty about harm and danger. It is not possible to completely eliminate risks. However, its effects can be minimized. This requires risk management. The cost of the work done to prevent risks is quite low compared to the cost that will occur after the risk occurs. In this study, a literature study was conducted on the physical risks that the employees in the aviation industry are exposed to and the occupational diseases they cause.


aviation human resources, physical risks, airline transportation, risk management, flight crews, ground handling services