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Identification of plants releasing isoprene causing smog

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Tehreem Lutaf Ullah,1 Tariq Mahmood,1 Sanad Elhddad,2 Shagufta Usman,3 Sikandar M Zulqarnain,4 Reema Aslam,5 Mahnoor Zafar6

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The accessibility of water is most important component for plant productivity and growth. Water stress is a major threat for the agriculture system of Pakistan. The change in climate causes the change in the patterns of rainfall which may cause the extreme events. The main cause of climate change is the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air and global warming. A change in environment overall takes place by a number of causes but the most important cause of all these changes is isoprene.1 Water scarcity causes high isoprene emission from plants. The dominant volatile organic compound which is released from vegetation is Isoprene (2-methyl-1,3,-butadiene). Isoprene produced by few herbaceous plant species and many woody trees. The emission of these volatiles like isoprene has an indirect effect on climate change and cause smog formation. The examination found that isoprene responds with human made nitrogen oxide to make particulate issue. In light of the presence of nitrogen oxides, it is engaged with creating the negative impacts on climate and human wellbeing. The research investigates current knowledge about the presence of isoprene emissions within the plant kingdom under drought stress conditions. Eucalyptus, Kachnar, Mulberry and Conocarpus are few species which are able to produce isoprene. The pot experiment was designed to identify isoprene emission within these plants. The plants were exposed to decrease Fractional Transpirable Soil Water FTSW. Various VOCs emission was increase under stress conditions. The isoprene emission rate is high under mild drought stress but decline under severe drought stress. Other parameters like stomatal conductance, photosynthesis, internal CO2 were also observed.


index terms-, isoprene, smog, GC-FID