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A paradise went under– the unique hydrology of the atlas basin recorded in the pyramid texts

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The Pyramid Texts portray a detailed, specific, and vivid scene of akhification (spiritual rebirth), including the positions, shapes, depths, colors, temperatures, inundation events, vegetation, and salinity of the bodies of water as well as the human activities of religion, irrigation, farming, and ferry around the Akhet. This paper reveals that this scene was an actual environment in the Atlas Basin right before the end of the green Sahara. All the above details exactly describe the characteristics of the two terminal megalakes of the basin, based on the water cycle of the green Sahara. The Akhet located at the outlet of the canal connecting these two lakes was a continuation of Atlantis. Most importantly, the Pyramid Texts tell us that, with advanced hydraulic and agricultural technologies, Atlanteans unknowingly triggered the water cycle collapse in the Atlas Basin and inflicted a breach to the green Sahara.


pyramid texts, green sahara, akhet, atlantis, paradise, plato, hydrology, water cycle, atlas basin, inundation