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Industrial robots integration based in object location and component inspection in industry 4.0 using vision guided robot (VGR)

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Adas Pereira Vitalli, Rogério Clemente, Arnaldo Ortiz, Rosário, João Mauricio

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Industrial robots equipped with artificial vision system are mainly intended for positioning tasks, inspection of parts or objects. In order to meet the demands of productivity and competitiveness, nowadays intelligent factories that use the concept of Industry 4.0, increasingly need sophisticated techniques for image processing and inspection. In this work we will discuss the implementation of two artificial vision systems that will perform two types of mechatronic applications of "VGR (Vision Guided Robot)". The first application concerns a Guidance system for moving a robotic device from the image location. And the second application will consist of manipulating parts carried out by a robot so that a vision system performs an inspection task, identifying possible product failures in different positions. In this work, we will present some results obtained through practical tests using COGNEX artificial vision equipment and robotic manipulators from ABB and KUKA. The research results for the two robots will be analyzed and compared with the objective of being used in applications directed to the automotive, manufacturing, food, beverage and plastic industries, among others.


vision-guided robot (VGR), image inspection, fault location, industry 4.0