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Assessment of awareness and attitude of pregnant women towards anesthesia techniques for cesarean section and associated factors at selected public hospital of Addis Ababa Ethiopia, 2021

Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access
Gudeta Teku, Dawit Tafesse, Siryet Tesfaye

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Objective: To assess awareness and attitude of pregnant women’s towards anesthesia
techniques for cesarean section among women attending ANC at selected public Hospital
of Addis Ababa, 2021.
Method: During the study, 332 pregnant women attending ANC followup in selected
public hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia were selected systematically selected. Pretested
and structured questionnaire was administered to the patient and the data was entered to into
Epi info 7.2.4 and transferred to SPSS version 26 for analysis. Both binary and multivariate
logistic regression were used to measure association between the factors and outcomes at
95% CI and P value <0.05 was considered as statistically significant.
Results: Among 332 participants, 206 (62%) pregnant mothers heard about anesthesia
before. Out of those who heard about anesthesia before (206), 116 (56.3%) participants
had good awareness of anesthesia techniques. Level of education and number of parity were
significantly associated with awareness of anesthesia techniques. Respondents who were
completed secondary school had good awareness of anesthesia techniques [AOR=6.785;
95% CI (1.01- 45.170)] and women with para three pregnancy had good awareness than
null parity [AOR=6.453; 95% CI (1.612-25.825)]. The study also found, 146 (70.9%)
of respondents had positive attitude towards anesthesia techniques but previous type of
anesthesia and absence of anesthesia related complication had no significant association
with parturient’s attitude towards anesthesia techniques. Among 43 respondents previously
received GA, 13 (30.2%) respondents preferred again GA whereas out of 66 respondents
received SA, 48 participants preferred spinal anesthesia.
Conclusion: Awareness about anesthesia and anesthesia techniques among parturient were
62%. 126 (38%) were even not heard about anesthesia before.


Cesarean section, Anesthesia techniques, Awareness and Attitude