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Mustard surgery three months after a covid-19 infection: a case report

MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics
Ilen Corrales Arredondo,1 C Alfredo Mario Naranjo Ugalde,2 Lais Angélica Cerut Ortiz,3 Yudith Escobar Bermúdez,4 Pedro Rolando López Rodríguez5


Introduction: This past year, on a global scale, since 2019, public health warnings have gone off because of the recent epidemiological crisis set of the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic holds responsibility for millions of infections, manifesting broadly in its clinical presentation, which ranges from asymptomatic carriers to respiratory failure, myocardial pathology and death; increasing the rates of hospitalization. Pediatric patients are at high risk of contracting the disease including those with congenital cardiomyopathy that are in need of surgical intervention in order to survive. Objective: Show that there exists an opportunity for elective surgical treatment and short term and medium term recovery in these patients in spite of respiratory and cardiovascular sequelae. Case presentation of an eleven-month infant diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Vessels, who after three months of idleness for having tested positive for Covid-19, received definitive surgical care for the initial diagnosis. Results: The perioperative strategy was based in the probable sequelae due to the infection. There are not respiratory complications like consequence for the previous lung injury. The auriculoventricular dysfunctional immediate post-operative was related with the surgical technique. Conclusion: A period no less than three months could be offer security for surgery using extracorporeal circulation in pediatric patients who suffered covid-19. Patient with favorable post-op prognosis resulting from the work of a multi-disciplinary team that met all challenges of the complications inherent in the post-operative period following a complex cardiovascular surgery along with those of a potentially fatal virus.


congenital cardiomyopathy, transposition of the great vessels, mustard, covid19 disease, surgery post covid-19