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Oxygen therapy and respiratory support in SARS COVID 19 infection in children

Journal of Pediatrics & Neonatal Care
Dr. Mahaveer Lakra,1 Dr.Amar Taksande,2 Dr.Bhavana Lakhkar3

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Covid 19 pandemic has been a very dreadful experience and affected all of us badly. Although children are asymptomatic and less severely affected by covid illness as compared to adult population, however the patients presenting with severe symptoms require hospitalisation and need oxygen and respiratory support. Inappropriate, prolonged use and failure to monitor oxygen therapy can have serious consequences. Oxygen therapy in children requires the selection of proper oxygen delivery system that suits the patient’s size, needs, and the therapeutic goals. Low flow and high flow oxygen devices are being used to deliver oxygen in children. High flow nasal cannula has been used proved to be wonderful modality for respiratory support in children. We need to follow all guidelines laid down by various agencies while delivering oxygen and respiratory support to sick children suffering from covid infection. All precautions should be taken to avoid aerosol generation. Close monitoring of oxygen therapy is a must. In this article we have tried to cover the indication and modes, it’s relation with mucormycosis, monitoring and the precautions which we should take while giving oxygen therapy in covid era. Update of knowledge of indication of use and other modalities of treatment by treating doctors and patients are equally important so that we can fight a battle of third wave if it arrives.


Covid 19, Oxygen therapy, delivery devices, monitoring