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Correlation between peak height velocity and body composition in young soccer athletes

International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Igor Soalheiro,1 Adriano Lima Alves,1,2 Leonardo Fagundes,1 João Gustavo Claudino,3,4 Luciano Sales

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Soccer is considered an intermittent and high intensity sport in which a detail for a match can be an essential factor for victory achieving. Among these factors the body composition is related as an important parameter of soccer performance. Furthermore, the different maturation levels of young athletes must be considered in definition of the best moments for load training increase. The aim of this study was verifying the correlation level between fat percentages, lean body mass and fat body mass with the peak height velocity (PHV).

Methods:The participants of this study were 44 soccer players of under15 category. It was done the body composition and PHV, where it was used the interaction between age and the anthropometrics variables like height, body mass, sitting height and leg length. It was used the descriptive statistic for showing the data of folds sum, total body mass, lean body mass, fat percentage, age and body fat. The Person correlation was used for analyzing body composition variables and PHV.

Results:A positive correlation of PVC with total body mass (p=0.00000959; r=0.606), lean mass (p = 0.00000959; r =0.613) and fat mass (p =0.00636; r =0.405).

Conclusion:According to the results of the present study, soccer players showed increase of body lean mass, body fat mass and total body mass with the progress of maturity.


soccer, PHV, body composition, maturation, performance