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Simulation of the impact of environmental conditions on selected silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Adrian Krzysztof Antosik,1 Nataniel Adrian Antosik2


The influence of environmental conditions on self-adhesive products, such as self-adhesive tapes based on silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, is a very important issue in the modern world. These conditions affect both the products stored and used. In order to confirm the excellent operational properties of adhesive tapes based on silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, an experiment was carried out in which the tapes were subjected to the cyclical influence of temperature and humidity changes. Subsequently, they were subjected to basic adhesion, cohesion and tackiness tests, and the results were compared with the references stored in “ideal storage parameters for self-adhesive materials”. There are no studies on the impact of environmental of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives in literature.


silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, kaolin, adhesion, montmorillonite