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The future of development and innovation in Egypt of solar textiles for the needs of the Middle East to increase the economy

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Amr Elsayed Elnashar,1 Hossam Elnashar,2 Elsayed A Elnashar3


Based on the Solar Textile “SOLTEX” objectives,2 the Egyptian National Strategy for applications for solar Textile.1
The Purpose of the article with a view to being a national guide for moving forward towards the future textile industry in this field, by monitoring the available components of a textile science, technology and innovation system, and introducing operational components and programs. With specific of “SOLTEX” solar textiles, and mechanisms, in cooperation and communication with all “SOLTEX” solar textiles, and relevant international bodies.
The Results Obtained : Applications for solar Textile have been identified , that the Technology and innovation should be developed, Resulting to develop a formula for the complete and continuous linkage between the research, technology and innovation sector and the industry, and services sector by utilizing the human and material resources available with the solar textile enterprises” SOLTEX" throughout Egypt, in a way that supports the state's orientation towards a knowledge-based economy, that achieves progress, prosperity and well-being, that the Egyptian society desires and the needs of Africa and the Middle East to increase the economy.


D&I, innovation, solar textiles “SOLTEX”, Africa, Middle Eastern, economy