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Two dimensional perfusion angiography in brain arteriovenous malformation: technical considerations

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
Boris Luis Torres-Cuevas,1 Gloria Esther Castillo-Lara,2 Maritza Martínez-Álvarez,3 Mileidy Anaisa Gutierrez-Pedroso4

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The two-dimensional tissue perfusion, in digital subtraction angiography, has been shown as a useful tool in the study of ischemic vascular lesions, being a framework for quantitative analysis and visualization of infusion parameters, benefitting the vascular malformations of the values obtained with this tool. The conduct of such a study is reported for the first time in Cuba in a patient diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation of cerebellum, determining factors that guide personalized therapy in situ, with prognostic value according to the treatment used, without additional exposure to radiation or increased contrast dose; so its validation would be of added interest in practice. 


brain perfusion, two-dimensional angiography, arteriovenous malformation