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Urbanization promotes the local extinction of odonatas in veredas from Minas Gerais/Brazil

International Journal of Hydrology
Paloma Cristina Pimenta,1 Diogo Silva Vilela,2 Afonso Pelli3

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The order Odonata is one of the most fascinating among insects, with an estimated 6,000 described species. Little is known about the Odonata fauna in many regions of Brazil; including Vereda’s areas. This unique plant formations occur only in Brazil. Despite being considered a preservation area, for over 70 years; there are a continuous degradation of this unique formation. The aim of this study was to survey the species of Odonata that occur in four areas of Veredas, within the urban perimeter of Uberaba/Minas Gerais. Two points were selected in the central region and two peripheral points. Four collections were carried out on sunny days, with two people intercepting the flight with entomological nets in May, September, December 2018 and March 2019. The total number of adults captured was 163. In the central points of the city we find generalist species, while in the peripheral points we find individuals endemic to Veredas and indicators of preserved environments. Data indicate that the Veredas have been severely abandoned by the Government and damaged by urbanization, and that the Odonata are an appropriate group to monitor the integrity of this type of environment, which gives rise to several important rivers in the region.


environmental assessment, checklist, dragonflies, damselfly, biotic integrity