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Artemether/lumefantrine/clindamycin eradicates liver and blood stages of Plasmodium berghei infection in mice

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Elias Adikwu,1 Igono Simeon Ajeka2

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Newer antimalarial drug combinations are been explored to overcome challenges associated with Plasmodium resistance. Clindamycin (C) has promising antiplasmodial activity. This study explored the in-vivo antiplasmodial activity of artemether/lumefantrine/ clindamycin (A/L/C) on Plasmodium berghei-infected mice. Plasmodium berghei-infected adult Swiss albino mice were grouped and orally treated daily with A/L (2.3/13.7mg/kg), C (10 mg/kg) and A/L/C, respectively. The negative and positive controls were treated with normal saline (0.2mL) and chloroquine (CQ) (10 mg/kg), respectively. At the end of treatment, blood samples were collected and assessed for percentage parasitemia, inhibitions and hematological indices. Mice were observed for mean survival time. The curative, suppressive and prophylactic test showed that A/L/C significantly decreased percentage parasitamia when compared to C or A/L with difference at p< 0.05. A/L/C significantly prolonged mean survival time with difference observed at p< 0.05 when compared to A/L or C. In the curative test, A/L, C, and A/L/C produced 70.3%, 64. 0% and 92.1% parasitemia inhibitions respectively when compared to CQ, which produced 83.2% inhibition. In the suppressive test, 77.2%, 70.3% and 97.9% parasitemia inhibitions were produced by A/L, C, and A/L/C, respectively when compared to CQ, which produced 90.2 % parasitemia inhibition. A/L/C significantly curtailed anemia through increased red blood cells, hemoglobin, packed cell volume and decreased white blood cells when compared to A/L or C with difference at p<0.05. Liver Plasmodium was eradicated in mice treated with. C augmented the antiplasmodial effect of A/L. A/L/C may be clinically effective against malaria. 


artemether, lumefantrine, clindamycin, plasmodium, mice