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Impact of home garden interventions on household access to vegetables for nutrition security in kavreplanchok district of Nepal

Horticulture International Journal
Dhruba Raj Bhattarai,1 Sharmila Piya,1 Divyanshi Bhattarai,2 Bishwash Poudel,1 Kumar Mani Dahal1


The study was conducted during 2020-2021 to identify the contribution of home garden interventions towards household access to vegetables amidst COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal. Kavreplanchok district was the selected site of study wherein checklist, focus group discussion and field observation were the major data collection methods. Women in the treatment group participated in home gardening orientation and vegetable gardening activities, however, only data collection was done in the control group. Post-intervention data showed 46% households in treatment group practiced improved organic vegetable gardening technologies as compared to 10.67% in control. Furthermore, annual vegetable requirement met from home garden was 62% in treatment group, while it was only 36 % in control group. Similarly, the knowledge on nutrition, home gardening technology and proper handling of vegetables has increased significantly. 


nutrition security, COVID-19, organic technologies, vegetable home gardening