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Effect of photon irradiance and temperature on carotenoids accumulation in four species of Trentepohlia (Trentepohliales, Chlorophyta)


Carotenoids the principal pigment of the Subaerial algal genus Trentepohlia was found to increase with increasing photon irradiance in culture. Maximum carotenoids accumulation was observed in Trentepohlia culture kept at 120????mol photons m-2sec-1. By lowering the temperature, carotenoids accumulation in Trentepohlia increased and progressively increased with decreasing temperature. Optimum production of carotenoids in all four Trentepohlia species was observed at 5°C. In all the four dominant species studied, it was observed that the amount of chlorophyll content was more than that of carotenoid content in culture. The ratio of carotenoid to chlorophyll content usually increased from the fourth week to the sixth week and then remained constant. Carotenoids and chlorophylls increased simultaneously along with culturing time and carotenoids were maximum at the end of culturing time. Comparing amongst the four species of Trentepohlia, T. diffracta contained the highest amount of carotenoids in culture followed by T. arborum and T. abietina, least amount of carotenoids was observed in T. umbrina.


trentepohlia, subaerial algae, photon irradiance, temperature, carotenoids