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Modifications of microfiber synthetic leather base (MSLB) to enhance the sanitary performances: a review

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Mohammad Naim Hassan,1 Md Khalilur Rahman Khan,2 Abu Bakr Siddique,3 Hosne Ara Begum4


Microfiber leather is a type of synthetic leather made up of a high-grade polyurethane resin and microfiber bundles that resemble the microscopic characteristics of natural leather. Microfiber has benefited from its smaller diameter, which is similar to that of real leather fibrils. Microfibers have received a lot of focus and are frequently employed in the synthetic leather basis, which is an important factor in regulating synthetic leather functionality. Microfiber synthetic leather has advantages over natural leather in terms of mechanical behavior, for example. However, there is a significant difference between natural leather and microfiber synthetic leather in terms of other aspects, such as hygiene issues. Microfiber synthetic leather, unlike natural leather, has inferior transmission and absorption qualities, making it feel hotter. As a result, there is a pressing need to improve the sanitary performance of superfine synthetic leather. Several studies have endeavored to improve the hygienic qualities of MSLB by modifying it in various ways. It is attempted to make a review on the different types of modifications in brief.


microfiber, modification, sanitary property, synthetic lather base (MSLB)