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Violence as a social determinant and health problem in the training of professionals

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Ernesto Pérez González,1 Ricardo Romel Rodríguez Jorge2

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The confrontation with violence goes through different stages and criteria, ranging from purely political and superficial ambitions to debates of the highest scientific level of experts in the field, which is a frequent cause of mistakes and divisions in the way it is taught and investigates, not always from a scientific basis. The misperception of the risk of violence causes it to be addressed by some States from the police and the criminal response, which sometimes permeates the vision of social sectors on it, however, its manifestations can occur in all scenarios of the life, accessible to preventive actions from many disciplines and social sectors whose objects and problems are superimposed, such as health, beyond its classic role of assisting victims, since many determinants of violence and health are common and interact. This complex and systemic approach, beyond the simple classification into forms and types of violence, is a need to be addressed when designing the problem of violence in the study plans of health professionals, especially that which occurs in family and family settings. community, very within the reach of primary health care, although also important for other levels of care.


violence, resilience, social determination of health, medical training