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Thinking about Japan’s future public health policy from data-driven reforms and social security reforms

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This study examine what should be promoted in future public health policies from the perspective of “social security reform / data-driven reform” that we are promoting. The new Society 5.0, which Japan is aiming for in the future, is a human-centered society that achieves both economic development and resolution of social issues through a system that highly integrates cyber space (virtual space) and physical space (real space). The field of disability health, where data is overwhelmingly scarce, is an international subject of public health. The WHO Secretariat should play a role as a member state in the “report of the highest health standards reachable by persons with disabilities” required by the end of 2022. We propose to contribute to the enhancement of the social security system with the aim of becoming a “health data system in a value co-creation type community symbiotic society” through a health monitoring system and PHR that utilize mobile devices, by further promoting social security reform by transforming into the latest data-driven organization.


data-driven reform, social security reform, mobile device, Society 5.0