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Antioxidant activity and resveratrol content in wines the national origin

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Callisaya A Juan Carlos,3 Arteaga SM del Carmen,3 Taquichiri T Marco A,1 Gutiérrez Barea Pastor,2 Paco Sarzuri Joel,2 Solano Iván T,3 Díaz de Oropeza Rosario,3 Vargas M Mariela3

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Wines are an important source of resveratrol and polyphenols, in this sense this work has focused on the determination of antioxidant activity and resveratrol content in wines of origin. The different wines analyzed exhibited strong antioxidant activity for the ABTS and DPPH tests, which are in the ranges of 2.123 to 25.097 [µmol/ml] and 2.348 to 17.138 [µmol/ml] for red wines respectively, while for white wines the ranges they are 0.793 to 2.604 [µmol/ml] and 0.419 to 3.07 [µmol/ml] respectively. Regarding the quantification and presence of trans-resveratrol, this was confirmed in most of the wines analyzed, with concentrations ranging between 0.77 and 3.25 [ppm] in red wines. As for white wines, these oscillate in the range of 0.18 to 0.69 [ppm]. Analyzing and comparing the results obtained in wines of origin, we observe that red wines have a good content of resveratrol and that in turn comparing results of other authors, we observe that the content of resveratrol in wines of origin is within the bibliographic range, both for red and white wines.


wine, antioxidant activity, resveratrol