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The use of rebampid in celiac therapy as a possible reason for rapid complete remission. Clinicalfollow-up

Gastroenterology & Hepatology: Open Access
Krums LM, Ahmadullin OV, Bykova SV, Babanova AV, Parfenov AI

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The purpose of the article:Demonstration of the case of rapid onset of clinical and histological remission in a patient with latent form of coeliac disease, with a syndrome of impaired suction of 3 degrees of severity with strict adherence to the agluten diet in combination with the intake of enteroprotector rebampid.

Material and methods:A 29-year-old woman was examined. Immunological tests were determined, the morphological structure of the small intestine mucosa was evaluated according to Marsh classification, the activity of intestinal enzymes (carbohydrase) by the method of A. Dalqvist.

Results:In the examination in the intestinal ward of the GBUS, the ICC identified high values of antibodies to tissue translutaminase, atrophy of the small intestine mucosa in the Marsh IIIC stage, the reduction of carbohydraz in the lining of the small intestine. Diagnosed coeliac disease, latent form, Disorder of disturbed suction 3 degrees of severity. Dysacharidase insufficiency. Appointed aglyuten diet (AGD), course reception of prednisone, was corrected metabolic disorders. After discharge: complied with the AGD. She finished the course of taking prednisone, for 2months took rebampid. In the control examination after 2months - clinical remission, restoration of the normal structure of SOTC, the level of carbohydraz.

Conclusion:The possibility of rapid remission under the influence of the cytoprotector - Rebampid is discussed.


aglyuten diet, metabolic disorders, enteroprotector rebampid, small body mucosa