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Inertial torques acting on a spinning sphere 

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New studies of the dynamics of rotating objects have shown the origin of their gyroscopic effects is more sophisticated than presented in publications. Their rotating mass acting on bodies generates the system of the kinetically interrelated inertial torques. The method for developing mathematical models for inertial torques of the spinning objects shows their dependencies on geometries. The inertial torques generated by the disc, ring, paraboloid, and others have confirmed this statement. The derived analytical method presents a new direction for the dynamics of classical mechanics. The several inertial torqueses acting on any movable spinning objects in space were unknown until recent times. The gyroscopic effects of rotating objects in engineering and a new method for computing their inertial torques are the challenges for researchers. The novelty of this manuscript is the mathematical models for the inertial torques generated by the rotating mass acting on the spinning solid and hollow sphere. 


inertial torques, gyroscope theory, spinning sphere