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Using cipc and other alternatives to suppress sprout in potato in the UK

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Sprouting is one of the major problems in potatoes during storage. Many consumers refuse to eat potato with sprouts. For this reason, treatment with sprout suppressants is vital. Spearmint oil and Ethylene can be used to suppress sprouts. However, spearmint oil is expensive and Ethylene changes potato colour. CIPC is the best chemical in the market that can suppress sprouting effectively at a low cost. CIPC is toxic and dangerous for the environment. However, by wearing protective equipment and displaying relevant signs, the risk to ourselves and other people can be minimised. The risk to the environment can also be minimised by disposing the containers legally to a licensed disposal contractor and avoiding spillage. The case presented is that of a 2000 tonne store of potato in Hereford in the United Kingdom. A CIPC application has been carried out. The result is 99% control. 


sprout suppressants, CIPC, potato storage, ethylene, spearmint oil