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Extrapericardial bronchogenic cyst associated with atrial fibrillation

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Andrei I Gritsiuta, Alexander Bracken, Jorge Lara-Gutierrez


Bronchogenic cysts are rare and usually asymptomatic. There are very few reports of bronchogenic cysts producingatrial fibrillation in the literature. We present a rare case of atrial fibrillation as a complication of a mediastinal bronchogenic cyst. To our knowledge, there have been only 13 cases of atrial fibrillation caused by a bronchogenic cyst published in the literature. As demonstrated by prior studies, surgical resection has been a successful treatment of the atrial fibrillation in this population. Our case report presents additional evidence to support the effectiveness of surgical resection in the treatment of bronchogenic cyst induced atrial fibrillation.


congenital intrathoracic lesion, cyst excision, syncopal episodes, mediastinal cystic lesion, endobronchial lesions, thoracotomy