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Myiasis of wounds caused by Lucilia sericata: first report in Tunisia and literature review

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Boufares Siwar,1 Mtibaa Latifa,1 Baccouchi Nawel,1 Hannechi Souha,2 Abid Rym,2 Battikh Riadh,2 Jemli Boutheina1

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Human myiasis or the infestation of live humans with dipterous larvae is extremely rare in the northern hemisphere. A broad range of fly instars have been described as the etiology of myiasis, including different diptera families. One representative of the latter family is Lucilia sericata, which is commonly known as the green bottle fly. In this work, we provided the first demonstration of myiasis in a diabetic foot in Tunisia caused by L. sericata


parasitosis, host-parasite relationship, myiasis, wound, cavitary, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, aqueous chlorhexidin solution