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Diversity and abundance of avifauna in forest research centre, Mulugu, Telangana, India

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Mhaiskar Priya Rajendra,1 Suharsha B,2 Deepika G3

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A study was conducted to document the avian diversity of the Forest Research Centre (FRC) and Forest College and Research institute (FCRI) Mulugu, Telangana, India from January 2020 to December 2020. Birds were surveyed at two different timings of the day i.e. early morning from 7am to 10 am and at evening from 3pm to 6 pm using line transect and point count method. A total of 77 species belonging to 15 orders and 42 families were recorded in which the maximum abundance of the species was recorded in the order Passeriformes. The analysis of dietary preference showed the dominance of the insectivorous community (52 %) followed by Frugivores (13%). The data on residential status revealed that all the 77 species observed, are resident in India with local migratory nature. The recorded species, Black-headed Ibis (Threskiornis melanocephalus) is listed under the near threatened (NT) category in the IUCN red data list. The work highlighted the importance of green cover around urban ecosystems as a preferred habitat for avian populations. FRC supports good bird diversity and protection and management of areas in and around them will help with conservation of the species.


Avifauna, Diversity, Abundance, Telangana, India