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Designer quality fish production technology 

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Fish are highly nutritious widely preferred non vegetarian diet. Its quality is highly governed by living water quality, pollution and availability of feeds quantity and quality. Objective of the present study was to devise production technology for designer quality fish. In the study all ecosystem factors were resolved by creating fish tank and providing innovative feed supplemented with quality improving food ingredients. Study presented detailed description of proteins and vitamins including minerals needed for maintaining good health. Endeavors were made to develop technology for producing desirable quality fish lot so that different species could be produced and reared to provide plentiful quality fish. Bio experiment brought out in the study the indices for quality and understanding and for its validation of the designer quality fish. Experimental setup developed in the present study will unlock many unknown frontiers of biology by application of new theme,” Food is medicine”, to bring new designer quality world in many respects.


aquatic ecology, food and nutrition, livelihood, oxygen, pollution, smell, odors, toxicity, abiotic environment, autotrophs, heterotrophs