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Human Impacts on keystone species within the ecological food web

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Alexander Chinago Budnukaeku,1 Chima Bright Ichendu,2 Daminabo Irene3

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The environment consists of different webs of lives, among which is the ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of arrays of lives that are vital for survival of other organisms within the ecosystem one of such referred to as "keystone species". These are either terrestrial or aquatic species. This work had an overview introduction of the scheme, followed by a background inventory of some selected keystone species, related arguments, the role, impact and relationship with other species within the ecosystem. Furthermore, the work borrows insights from the concept of sustainability and resilience, applies them as a benchmark in development planning, and finally concludes with brief significance of the essay. Although much awareness and campaigns are already documented, from the essay point of view, most development planners pay little attention and rely on the environmental impact assessment report and fail to understand that an environmental impact assessment report is usually not ready at the beginning of every project. The impact of human activities within the environment has adverse effects on these species resulting in the extinction of some while; others are either threatened or endangered. The basic understanding of these species and their impact on the ecosystem is a useful tool to employ when carrying out developmental analysis that will serve as a “first aid” and as a reminder towards proffering strategies that will aid the mitigation principles. Additionally, as a development planner, understanding these species and others will give them the sense of right judgment to employ during project planning and administration, targeted at delivering a sustainable development practice aimed at a "win-win scenario" in development and the environment. Moreover, the in-depth understanding of this species and their role will equip the development planner the edge to study and include waste management scheme in their development schedule, as waste produced in-course of establishing a project within a particular location without proper management will constitute chaos to species at the dumpsite.


environment, endangered species, keystone species, ecosystem, degradation, human impact and mitigation principle