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E-textiles prototypes and applications on wearable devices

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Jéssica Maia Piccirillo,1 Renato Giacomini2


This scientific research has the purpose of studying conductive textiles, also known as "smart" textiles. At the ending of the study, we performed the assembly of functional prototypes to give the technology proof of concept to further studies. Between these prototypes are the "smart" jacket, the "smart" pillow, and the "smart" t-shirt. All of these prototypes have electronic devices integrated with conductive textile fabrics and yarns. The functionality of the prototypes involves the obtained vital signals from the user's body, such as heartbeat, and identification of the "touch" made by the user's hand to send commands to a computer or a cellphone screen.


E-textiles, wearable devices, fabrics, yarns