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Assessment of species diversity and its management challenges in avenue plantation (study of Shankhamul and Balkumari road) 

Journal of Historical Archaeology & Anthropological Sciences
Kripa Khanal, Ram Asheshwar Mandal, Ajay Bhakta Mathema

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Greenery is importantly significant in city to maintain the fresh air and recreation. Hence roadside plantations have been done here, but how diverse the species is, the study is limited. Therefore, this study was conducted to explore species diversity in roadside plantations, compare and assess the species diversity and assess the factor affecting the management of the roadside plantation. Shankhamul and Balkumari areas in the Kathmandu city were selected as study. The observation was done from 25th February to 1st March 2021 to collect field data. A total of thirty 5mx5m samples were collected particularly species counted and their diameter and heights were recorded. Similarly, their photographs were also taken. Total 26 local people were asked to find the factors affecting the protection of plantation. The Likert scale was used to categorize the factors. The collected data were analyzed using Shannon diversity index, Simpson’s index, and species richness. The factors affecting the roadside plantation were calculated applying principle component analysis. A total of 30 plant species were planted in the roadside plantation. The highest value of Shannon diversity index was 2.53 in the Janata Road, Balkumari, and Simpson’s index was also highest at same road section with 0.96 while species richness was the highest around 2.40 at Satya Sai Udhan, Shankhamul Road. The Sorenson index was the highest among Janata Road and Chhitijnagar, Balkumari with 0.38. Lack of fencing and solid waste disposal near trees are the main factors affecting the Janata Road Balkumari with scoring 5. The principal component analysis showed these factors are collectively affecting the plantation. The research will be useful to understand the biodiversity of plantation areas on the roadside.


biodiversity index, road side plantation, urban forest