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Protocol for a systematic review on the evaluation of health literacy in adolescents and young adults with crohn’s disease or type 1 diabetes mellitus and the relation with disease outcomes

Gastroenterology & Hepatology: Open Access
Carels C, Levy E, Huysentruyt K, Veereman G

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Background:Many children suffer from chronic diseases that greatly impactquality of life. As patients progress to adolescence and transition to adult care, health literacyshould be optimized. Health literacy is a crucial determinant of the ability to obtain, process and understand basic health information, make appropriate health decisions and interact effectively with health care professionals. Educational programs exist for some specific groups (e.g. diabetes).

Objectives and methods of study:This protocol describes the scope and methodology used for a systematic review of the health literacy of adolescents and young adults with Crohn’s disease or diabetes mellitus type 1 who transitioned to adult health care.

Results:The systematic review will explore the current knowledge on health literacy of the studied population and the relation with disease outcomes.

Conclusion:It is expected that this work provides a base for tailoring adequate educational programs for children and adolescents with Crohn's disease.


Health literacy, health knowledge, attitude, practise, inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn disease, diabetes mellitus, type1, adolescent, young adult, chronic disease, BELCRO, paediatric belgian crohn’s disease registry, CD, crohn’s disease, DM1, diabetes mellitus type 1, HL, health literacy, IBD, inflammatory bowel disease, QoL, quality of life, RQ, research question, SR, systematic review