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Colonization of the space: artificial intelligence and robotics can contribute to a new form of ethical regulation in the space economy?

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Édgar Giovanni Rodríguez Cuberos


This miniscript seeks to contribute to the international debate on the ethical implications derived from the processes of colonization of space and more specifically from space mining and resource exploitation (space economy aspects). Until now, the debate and technical scientific development have focused on finding and developing solutions for the exploitation of these resources and even future housing models, but social, human and ethical research has not been involved in these projects based on new proposals or alternatives in the economic model and the prevailing rationality. In this advance, it is suggested from the perspective of speculative and performative sciences, to propose the place that could possibly occupy a line of work in artificial intelligence and robotics oriented to ethical consideration in these space economic environments and developments.


space colonization, space economy, AI ethics, terraforming, exosocial sciences, exohumanities, post humanities, robotics