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When being pioneers in embracing technological innovation in not enough, an exploration into French Connection

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The onset of the pandemic and it impact on business has not only warranted business thinking of new, interesting and innovating ways in which to engage with consumer. However, has also warranted fashion brands to re-establish their core values and traits that originally made them successful. This conversation of re-evaluation of the core factors of success is now more important ever if key players in the fashion industry are seeking to engage in evolutionary transformation via the assistance of technology in order to survive and indeed retain their mantel of being vanguards for societal change during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. The necessity for business to engage with technology to entice Millennials and Generation Z more successfully is also of paramount concern. This is warranted in order to provide a counter voice to the negative viewpoints, which exist in relation to the perception of the fashion industry being exploitive and un-sustainable.

The incumbents in the fashion industry reaction to the emergent change that the pandemic has created, necessitates all industries to make actionable plans now more than ever, in conjunction with understanding that change is an inevitable ongoing reality of all business and emergent radical changes may be what the business world will encounter in the future.

However, it is important to acknowledge the resurgence in the fashion industry must be managed and navigated in a holistic manner. This warrants the inclusion all parts of an organisation working in conjunction with designers towards to the attainment of the same goals. Thus, unity of purpose is now more acute that ever by using French Connection as a case study the author proposes a model within which to embark upon the change process. The time for change is now and if organisation views this with opportunity in a positive manner, the results could prove to be favourable.


French Connection, fashion industry, retailer, women’s clothing