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Considerations on job satisfaction as a predictor of employment success for people with severe mental illness

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Francisco Rodríguez Pulido,1 María Jesús Melián Cartaya2

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In the psychosocial rehabilitation of people with severe mental illness (SMI), employment is an ingredient in the process of recovery and human rights, given the numerous benefits generated in each of the personal and social dimensions. Existing research has tried to determine the variables that favour or hinder access to the labour market by studying the experiences reported by people with SMI in ordinary employment. However, the results obtained do not allow us to reach a clear consensus on the variables that determine the success of the employment experience. The job satisfaction is presented as a variable to be studied in depth due to the few studies on this topic. We must insist on this issue because of its predictive nature. This paper provides a review of studies on job satisfaction as a predictor of success in the regular employment of people with TMG, for which different databases were consulted from 2010 to 2021.


severe mental illness, employment, employment success, job satisfaction