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Perceptions of strength training practitioners on nutritional aspects strength training and nutrition

International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Monteiro Gomes,1 Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da Silva2

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This study aims to identify the knowledge that strength training practitioners have about nutritional aspects. This research presents a qualitative approach to the data, despite the possibility of providing quantitative information, aiming to discover the reality of the dietary conduct adopted by the subjects participating in the sample. The sample consisted of 20 resistance training practitioners, of both sexes, aged between 16 and 45. We used two questionnaires in data collection. The findings show that 85% of the subjects participants never obtained recommendations nutritionally supported by nutritionists, and 67% supplement without monitoring. The participants expressed knowledge of moderate nutritional status—the results point for a probable correlation between the level of knowledge and education.


nutrition, physical education, professional practice, health, supplement