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Adherence to the treatment and occupational routine of patients with arterial hypertension care in a basic health unit in belém - pará

International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Karoline Vitória Silva Rodrigues, Yarima Silva Gomes de Castro, Enise Cássia Abdo Najjar

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Introduction:It is estimated that adherence to the treatment of Systemic Arterial Hypertension worldwide is around 8% to 50%. The occupational therapist seeks to analyze the subject's occupational routine in order to favor the adaptation to the changes necessary for the proper maintenance of health treatment. Objective: To identify treatment adherence and the occupational routine reported by individuals with Systemic Arterial Hypertension treated at a Basic Health Unit - Belém Pará.

Method:This is a descriptive, cross-sectional study with a quantitative and qualitative approach, carried out with 47 hypertensive individuals registered in the HIPERDIA program. Identification data, cardiovascular risk factors, treatment adherence and occupational routine were collected.

Results/Discussion:All individuals had at least one cardiovascular risk factor. The levels of treatment adherence were found to be medium (42.5%) and high (44.7%). However, most of them reported difficulties in adhering to care related to food (66%), physical activity (61.7%) and stress control (59.6%). Regarding the occupational routine, 72.3% reported not feeling overwhelmed with activities and 53.2% reported that the routine interferes with adherence to health care.

Conclusion:The study encourages discussion about the conditioning relationship between adherence to the treatment of a chronic disease and occupational routine. It points to the need to develop occupational therapeutic programs with individuals with chronic diseases and the importance of the occupational therapist in the Primary Health Care team.


hypertension, patient cooperation, occupational therapy, CNCD, chronic non-communicable diseases, CVD, cardiovascular diseases, SAH, systemic arterial hypertension, DBP, diastolic blood pressure, PHC, primary health care, AMI, acute myocardial infarction, BMI, body mass index