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Loss of vision secondary to toxic optic neuropathy due to gutka overdose: A Case Report

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
Irfan Kabiruddin Jeeva, Sidra Masud, Syed Hasan Raza Abidi, Tazeen Saeed Ali, Ayesha Akbar Waheed, Sobia Tariq Siddiqui


Introduction: Toxic optic neuropathy is defined as the damage caused by a toxin to the optic nerve fibers. There is a vast list of toxins that may lead to optic neuropathies. One of the toxins among this list is tobacco. Gutka being an oral form of tobacco, however, has not been previously related to optic neuropathy. Case presentation: We present a case of a 22-year-old male who presented with decreased far vision and gradually increasing photophobia. He had a history of gutka usage, a form of smokeless tobacco. Investigations revealed a central scotoma on FOV, a swollen optic disc on OCT and deranged Liver function tests. A diagnosis of RIGHT + LEFT optic neuropathy secondary to a chemical toxic was made, which in this case, was gutka. Conclusion: Consumption of gutka can lead to irreversible toxic optic neuropathy.


toxic optic neuropathy, gutka, smokeless tobacco, vision loss