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Elementary outlook on abuse of antibiotics- a major global health concern


Antibiotics resistance or multidrug resistance in pathogenic microbes is now major global health problem because antibiotics are easily available these days. These are also selling even without a physician prescription that lead to roll out for increasing antibiotics resistant microbes in exposed population due to wrong practice of self-medication for treating viral infections such as colds and influenza. Antibiotics don’t only kill bad bacteria but that also leads to kill our good bacteria which plays vital role to strengthen our body immunity as immune booster. Hence, antimicrobial resistant pathogens are major detrimental world health challenge which has already speed up due to overuse or misuse of antibiotics worldwide causing severe fatal microbial infections along with serious clinical complications, increasing the rate of hospitalization and decreasing the patient survival rate. Even, overprescribing the antibiotics is also associated with increased risk of fatal or ill effects in exposed patients with frequent reoccurrence of diseases and its associated co-morbidities. Hence, multifaceted interposing to stop the misuse of antibiotics can more effective clinical initiative followed by enforcement of clinical and health policies for rational uses. And streamlined prohibition of antibiotics along with implantation of antimicrobial stewardship program should be considered essential steps. It should have active involvement of clinicians in audits for antibiotic prescribing strategies for initialization of controlling the overuse of antibiotics to strengthen the primary health care-based action plans to limit the rise of antibiotic resistant microbes in exposed population.


antibiotics, drug abuse, antibiotic resistance microbes