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Congenital appendiceal inversion - a rare finding on colonoscopy. A case report and literature review

MOJ Surgery
King Tung Cheung,1, 2 Janindu Goonawardena,1, 2Vinna An,2  

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Appendiceal inversion (AI) is a rare finding on colonoscopy. Only a few congenital cases without previous appendectomy and appendiceal intussusception have been reported in the literature. We report a case of congenital appendiceal inversion in an asymptomatic 50year old female without intussusception nor any previous history of intra-abdominal surgery. It is important to recognise this rare entity to avoid unnecessary interventions. Congenital AI in asymptomatic patients should be managed conservatively.


appendiceal inversion, intussusception, endoscopy, colonoscopy