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Learning of statistics in engineering with the study of a DC power supply

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Juan David Salcedo Hernández,1 Fernando Andrés Londoño Badillo2


This report comprises an outline of an experimental setting intended to provide insight into statistical concepts of great interest for engineering and science students. The main components of a DC voltage source are presented alongside measurements of voltage and current behaviours on the system with their corresponding uncertainties, and a brief statistical analysis of the data thereby obtained. It also encompasses a brief discussion on the influence of the measuring device on reported resistance values and provides experimental insight into Ohm’s law via regression analysis. Under the study of both DC voltages and direct currents, a typical example of a circuit is used to develop clear-cut methods relating to statistical treatments of regression and both direct- and indirect-measurement uncertainties.


statistical concepts, voltage, power, engineering, current, electronics, circuit laws