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In-vivo studies to manifest the potent antiinflammatory and analgesic effect of the topical formulation, Pankajakasthuri orthoherb cream/ thermagel upon single application in wistar albino rats

Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal
Hareendran Nair J, Shan Sasidharan


Pain and inflammation are the most common and prominent symptoms of many diseases. Inflammation is the most pivotal response of a damaged tissue that induces various hostile stimuli such as infections, toxic chemical agents, and physical damage resulting in redness, edema, heat, and pain. Diclofenac sodium is the most widely prescribed medicine in the management of pain and inflammation. Lamentably, long-term use of this drug causes multiple harmful side effects. To overcome this, we have formulated Pankajakasthuri orthoherb cream/thermagel, a polyherbal topical preparation for inflammation and pain relief. The objective of the present study was to assess the anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential of Pankajakasthuri orthoherb cream/thermagel, when administered topically, using carrageenan-induced edema and formalin testing in experimental animals. Here, diclofenac sodium gel was used as a positive control for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. From the results of our study, it was clear that Pankajakasthuri orthoherb cream/ thermagel significantly inhibited the formation of the rat paw edema and this effect was significantly better than standard diclofenac sodium gel. Pankajakasthuri orthoherb cream/ thermagel recorded a positive result after 3 h of treatment and maximum reduction in edema was recorded after 18 h of treatment (96.72%). The analgesic effect of Pankajakasthuri orthoherb cream/thermagel was recorded mainly in the late phase (70.70%). This suggests that the activity may be due to peripheral action, when compared with the action of diclofenac sodium gel. Hence it can be concluded that Pankajakasthuri orthoherb cream/ thermagel can result in better anti-inflammatory and analgesic action for a longer duration upon single application compared with standard diclofenac sodium gel.


anti-inflammatory, analgesic, polyherbal cream, thermagel, topical application, pain