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Demyelinating myelitis vs Acute ascending necrotizing myelitis

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
Jaime Adolfo Luna Martìnez,1 Elida Moran Guel,2 Nadia Viviana Sandoval Rodríguez,3 Jorge Alberto Gonzalez Lucio4


We present the case of a 26 year old male that was diagnosed with an acute ascending necrotizing myelitis, the initial symptoms were oppressive pain in the chest and numbness in both hands, followed by weakness of the arms and legs. The MRI detected a hyperintensity from C4 to T1. We suspected a demyelinating event, despite the prompt intervention the patient had progression of the disease, showing an aggressive disease. This case reveals a disease that mimics acute demyelinating diseases


acute necrotizing myelitis, ascending necrotizing myelitis, necrotizing myelitis