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Mucormycosis: An ignorance that cannot be ignored


Mucormycosis (formerly known as zygomycosis) is a severe but uncommon fungal disease characterized by a clan of moulds known as mucormycetes. These moulds may be found all over the place. Mucormycosis primarily affects those who have chronic illnesses or who use medications that decrease the body’s potential to exacerbate infections and infirmity. When individuals inhale fungal spores from the air, it most frequently affects the sinuses or lungs. Steroid usage, diabetes, and improper use of oxygen administration are all risk factors. This infection is characterized by headache, facial pain, nasal congestion, loss of vision or pain in the eyes, swelling in cheeks and eyes, black crests in the nose, coughing, and bloody vomits. Death occurs as a consequence of a lack of awareness of symptoms of Mucormycosis, high cost of therapy and the scarcity of medications, ignoring checkups, and self-medication. Treatment of this devastating disease includes surgical excision of the involved part followed by antifungal therapy. While the rise of Mucormycosis in Covid instances is concerning, it is time for experts to work together to stop the spread of Mucormycosis. A solid referral and communication system among health professionals (e.g., pulmonologist, ENT surgeon, general physician, and maxillofacial dental surgeon) is the most important step in combating the disease in the current situation.


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