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How did our ancestors first become bipedal animals and then homo sapiens?


The problems indicated in the title are interrelated. The systematic approach leads to the conclusion that the initial condition for the transformation of the domination system (biological hierarchy) into a system of social relations (social hierarchy) is the acquisition by hominids of the ability of an armed struggle each other. This struggle required the release of the hands from the function of locomotion. Thus, the problem of the emergence of bipedalism in humans finds a solution within the framework of the problem of anthroposociogenesis. The emergence of the human way of life is associated with the practice of the peaceful division of prey among all members of the hominid band. The difference in the principles of dividing has created a dispersion of the levels of combat efficiency of hominids bands and a permanent struggle among them. The consequence of this struggle was the group social-natural selection of communities, which was humanizing man’s communities.


hominid, system approach, bipedalism, domination, armed struggle, homo sapiens, human lifestyle, social-natural selection