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Alopecia types, current and future treatment

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
H Rambwawasvika, P Dzomba, L Gwatidzo


There are diverse types of alopecia and each call for a specific treatment. Regrettably there is no curative solution to the problem of alopecia as most drugs target its management. The purpose of the review is to explore the different types of alopecia and how each affect hair appearance and growth. The review begins by describing hair structure and hair physiological changes during life progression. A detailed description of conventional medication prescribed for alopecia and associated adverse effects are also pronounced in this review. Both approved (minoxidil and finasteride) and unapproved medications indicated for the condition are discussed to expose voids, which need to be filled by future drug development. The review also discusses the prospective future therapies of alopecia as directed by current research and technological advancement. 


alopecia, hair growth minoxidil, finasteride, technological advancement, anagen, healthy scalp, telogen phase, vellus distorted hair