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Effect of the addition of selected silicon fillers on Si- PSA shrinkage

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Adrian Krzysztof Antosik,1 Nataniel Adrian Antosik2


The concept of shrinkage phenomenon is widely described in the available literature. With respect to pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) in general, the definition of shrinkage is understood to be “less than its original size” and is closely related to the crosslinking process and the effect of the crosslinker on the test adhesive. Shrinkage alongside adhesive properties (adhesion, tackiness) and mechanical (cohesion) is one of the most important characteristics of a self-adhesive adhesive. It is very important in terms of production when receiving, for example, decorative banners or self-adhesive films where crosslinked adhesive and thus shrinkage can affect the surface of the adhesive material and create deformations. In the case of PSA, the acceptable adhesive pressure shrinkage must not exceed 0.5 %. Contraction is an important criterion for assessing the aging resistance of PSA materials. There are no studies on the shrinkage of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives in literature, but many references to carbon-based adhesives have been reported.


silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, shrinkage, adhesion, cohesion